15 Stories #10 Bill Ritzema

15 Stories to celebrate 15 years in business……….

#10. Bill Ritzema

We have always invested in new equipment. I joke with people that I get bored quickly and need to keep up to date with the latest thing.

The most expensive piece of equipment I have bought is our OCT scanner. I bought it 5 years ago and it cost 45K. It is a fantastic piece of kit but it was very risky to buy. I remember coming back from the trade fair I bought it at and saying that I might have bankrupted the business.

A few months later Bill Ritzema, one of our regular patients, came in for an eye test and I think I was having a bad day. I was showing him the new scanner and must have mentioned how nervous I was because I had signed up on a 6-year lease that I wasn’t sure we could afford.

A few weeks later I got a note from Bill through the post. It said – “Keep investing in new equipment” and enclosed a cheque for £500.

Bill’s generosity was much appreciated as much as it validated the way I wanted to run the Practice. I want us to be innovative and be early adopters of new technology.

I didn’t want Bill’s money to just be absorbed into a lease payment so I put his money towards a machine that treats blepharitis called Blephex.

This is a great treatment and gives relief to many patients suffering with Blepharitis. All those patient’s have Bill to thank for that.

The OCT turned out to be a great investment and has become a valuable part of the service we offer our patients. It also led to us being on the front cover of Nature’s Eye Journal in 2014 – but that’s Monday’s short story!

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