15 Stories #12 Specialist Glasses

15 Stories to Celebrate 15 years………

#12. The First Specialist Pair of Glasses

I am still proud of the first pair of specialist glasses we made. They were made for a lady that had a horrendous time battling cancer.

She had developed a tumour in her eye that had affected her eye socket. This led to her eye having to be removed, together with a lot of the surrounding tissue.

The surgeon grafted a segment of the skin from her thigh over the wound but because of inflammation the space where her eye used to be became very swollen.

When I first saw this lady, the right hand side of her face was very deformed. It looked as if someone had taken out her right eye, replaced it with a tennis ball and then covered it with skin. She was very self-conscious about her appearance and very upset by the reaction she received from the general public. She asked if there was any way we could hide her eye.

We managed to make a custom pair of glasses that covered her wound.

We cut a pair of glasses in half, lengthened one of the sides, molded a custom nosepiece and fitted a side shield. They didn’t look great, but they did hide her wound and she was delighted with them.

As the years went by her wound shrunk and eventually she didn’t need the specialist glasses.

This patient remained a friend of the practice until she died a few years ago. The experience I had making these glasses gave a taste of wanting to be able to do the specialist and unusual.

Over the years we have made many more specialist pairs of glasses (for example, the pair in the photograph,) and many were much more complicated than this one. But this was the first.

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