15 Stories #15 Our Patients

15 Stories to Celebrate 15 Years…….

#15 Our Patients

Being an Optician, like any other job, can get boring sometimes. Sitting in a dark room all day is not the most appealing thing to do. The thing that makes it bearable are our fantastic patients.

Our patients are the lifeblood of the practice and I find more and more over the years the work we do evolves depending on the needs of the people walking through the door.

So let me tell you a bit about our patients:

When we opened we had 0 patients. As of today we now have 11362 registered patients and on average get 50 new patients every month. The youngest patient we have seen was 36 weeks old; the oldest was 102 years old. Over the 15 years we have completed just under 43000 eye tests.

I love the fact that everyone is connected somehow. We very rarely get someone completely new coming through the door; it is always someone’s friend, or cousin or workmate. Some families we have 4 generations of the same family that come to the Practice.

We have patients that have grown up with the Practice. It does make me feel very old when I see some of our patients leave for University and I remember them as toddlers coming in for their first eye test.

It is humbling that even when patients move away from Durham they still come back to us for their eye test. We have patients from places like Jersey, Isle of Mann, London, Chester, Salford, Hull, Edinburgh, and even Michigan!

It is the stories and experiences that our patients share with us that make the Practice what it is. It is a privilege to be part of that community.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us through this first 15 years in business.

And now on to the next stage – the building work starts on 4th August!

Wish us luck.