Bioptic Telescopes

With Bioptic telescope low vision aids, you may be able to bring your world into focus, making it easier to see and do things you may never have thought possible.

Bioptic Telescopes have helped individuals with reduced central vision from Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Albinism, Stargardt’s Disease, Optic Atrophy, Myopic Degeneration, Nystagmus, Macular Holes, PXE, Achromatopsia, Rod/Cone Dystrophy and many other eye conditions.

How do Bioptic Telescopes improve vision?

By making the image larger, bioptics let many visually impaired individuals see clearer and further away. For example, if you can’t recognise a loved one’s face further than 5 feet away, a 4x power bioptic telescope may enable you to see them as far as 20 feet away!

What are Bioptic Telescopes?

Bioptic Telescopes are miniature telescopes mounted onto the top of a spectacle frame. They are a convenient way to magnify distant objects making them visible while leaving the hands free.

Why choose an Ocutech Bioptic telescope?

Ocutech bioptic telscopes use the highest quality optics to produce the widest field of view possible. They are the only bioptic telescopes that are designed to provide the important combination of light weight, compactness, ease of focus and wearing comfort that users prefer.

The Ocutech Bioptic Telescopes and other Ocutech products are exclusive to us, meaning we are the only supplier for the North of England.

To find out if an Ocutech Bioptic Telescope may improve your life please contact us to arrange an appointment.