lINDBERG RIM lindberg-nikolaj-eyeglasses

Visit our store to see our new range of Lindberg glasses featuring either a supra or full frame made of titanium! Still the same fantastic lightweight quality!


The history of the Lindberg design starts with an Optician in Denmark – Poul-Jǿrn Lindberg. When he first needed glasses in the beginning of the 1980s he found the frames “heavy, rigid and uncomfortable.” So he teamed up with an architect Hans Dissing and designed the concept of the Lindberg frame. There have been three new concepts in the design since then and the newest is the SPIRIT TITANUIM.

Lindberg frames appear to be expensive but they are a premium product. They are not a designer name. The expense is because of the method of manufacture and the design. The frames are handmade to order.

lindberg frame

Unique and personal design

Lindberg’s “eyewear building system” is patented and unique. It produces a personal spectacle frame that suits the wearer in terms of shape, colour and size.

Although the design can be customised in any way it is advisable to pick a shape and a colour from the selection we have in stock. This is to guarantee that the frame looks exactly as you imagine it. We have a variety of shapes, styles and sizes in store to try on and design your own.

Cannot be copied

The design has won 39 design awards around the world and Lindberg holds over 30 patents on the design. This means that nobody can copy their design and ensures that the frame is unique. Even the titanium wire is patented, it is produced to a diameter of 1.1mm and Lindberg are the only optical company that can use that wire in the design of spectacles.

lindberg frame 2


Most frames can be personalised by engraving your name along the inner temporal edge of the frame side.

Fairly Traded

These are almost the only range of frames where we are able to trace all the parts of the frame involved in the manufacture. The titanium is mined in America and the titanium wire is shipped to a factory in Denmark where the frames are handmade. All the Lindberg frames come from this one factory. All the frames are hand-polished.

Long-Lasting Quality

The colour on the frame is produced using electrolysis (apart from the red.) This means there is no paint to flake off or fade.

The frame is made without screws, rivets or welds. This means there is nothing to come loose, or weak welds that can snap.

Very Light frame

The Lindberg frames are produced from 100% titanium. The metal is lightweight, flexible and strong. The titanium is simply twisted and bent to produce some of the lightest and most flexible frames in the world.

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