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Vanni Eyewear – a trendsetter and an innovator in construction with an emphasis on enhanced quality and comfort. The curvature of a rim, sheen of acetate, cut of a metal strip, effortless function of a hinge—enthusiasm for the tiniest detail—can spark a major project.


The eyewear line is composed of many collections, including the following:

Twist and Spiral – both acetate collections featuring hand-twisted temple and spiral motifs;

Stratos – multi-colored acetate designs

Liquido – brown plastic frames shot though with streaks of melted color

Plano – composed of lightweight sheet steel in very trendy designs

Mirage – highlighted with an innovative concept that link temples with the frame.

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“Vanni is a breadth of youthful fresh air wafting among the style vanguard of contemporary designer eyewear. For 20 years, Vanni has represented Italian style and design to the eyewear world. It looks beneath mere appearance to the deeper substance of materials, harmony among shapes and the power of color.” Vanni designer, Giovanni Vitaloni.

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History: Based in Turin, Italy, Vanni was established in 1991, making its debut at Silmo in Paris the same year. In 1998, Vanni debuted at Vision Expo East.

Awards include:

  • the Silmo d’Or in 2003; vanni frame2
  • the 2006 Tokyo Eyewear of the Year;
  • the 2008 Grand Prix Stratos at IOFT in Tokyo.

Vanni is a favorite among European celebrities.vanni frame1