Johann Von Goisern


“Johann” refers to the first name of Johann Pomberger, the founder of our company. The second part of the
brand name refers to the company’s location in “[Bad] Goisern”, which is also the birthplace of its founder Johann.

The name “Johann von Goisern” as such emerged in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s and has since then always been
used to describe part of the optical frames manufactured in our company in Bad Goisern.

Johann Pomberger was born in March of 1937 in Bad Goisern. Starting from a young age, he always had a strong
sense for creativity, which showed mainly through his love of music at first. His interest in the world of optics was
sparked in 1952, when he started his apprenticeship at the “OPTOS – Optische Erzeugung GmbH” in the nearby Bad Ischl.

He eventually returned to this company and gained important experience as acting factory manager. In 1984, Johann started
his own business in the trade of “manufacturing and processing of optical frames”.

After growing the company to 22 employees in 13 years, Johann transferred the management to his eldest
son – Hans Peter Pomberger – in 1997.

Since the family company’s rebranding to “POMBERGER Goisern GmbH” in October of 2015, Hans Peters son Jürgen Pomberger is
acting as manager alongside his father, spanning the company’s history over three generations.



Although there have been many innovations and changes over the years, one aspect about us always stayed the same:

“Johann von Goisern” still stands for highest quality and exceptional design, manufactured in Bad Goisern.

To this day, the brand and its products live and breathe the creativity and ideas of its inventor – Johann Pomberger.

Our company is still firmly grounded on the values of its founder Johann: Relocating or even moving to another country is completely out of question.

We are highly aware of our social responsibility towards our region and employees, and providing permanent workplaces is one of our highest priorities.