Zeiss Photo Fusion Offer

(May and June only!)maxresdefault

Save up to £100 with a free upgrade to Zeiss Photo Fusion when purchasing any Zeiss lens from us in May and June only! Zeiss Photo Fusion is a photochromic lens which changes with the suns UV rays to give you sunglass lens, so no need for a second pair!


Hoya 2nd Pair Offer

(Valid until 31st May 2017) hoya_lenses

To receive this great offer from Hoya you must purchase a Hoya Lifestyle Lens with a High Vision Longlife coating *Prices start from £270* to receive a free 2nd pair of lenses. Options for the 2nd lens include; a single vision pair (distance or reading), a single vision sunglass pair (including a mirror finish lenses or a polarised lens), an office varifocal, a budget varifocal sunglass (including a mirror finish or a polarised lens).


70% off 2nd Pair of Childrens Spectacles

Are you fed up of your child losing or breaking their spectacles and not having a spare pair lying around ready? Or maybe you just want a second outfit option?

Come and enjoy 70% off a 2nd pair of childrens spectacles! Choose from our £59 range and you’ll only pay £17.70! *Terms and conditions apply, please see instore for details.


Free upgrade to PNX lenses

Children will receive a free upgrade from standard CR39 plastic lenses to a tougher, lighter PNX lens material. The PNX lenses as standard come with a hard coat making it tougher for your little ones to scratch their lenses.