Learning Disability Pilot

At Simon Berry Optometrists we pride ourselves in providing the best service to all. One way of doing this is by making reasonable adjustments to the way we work and tailoring our service to meet the needs of our patients.

We have recently become involved in a pilot service that aims to make eyecare more accessible to those patients with a learning disability.

This is a much needed service. It might involve using different sorts of test charts, or by arranging visits to the practice before the appointment so that the patient is familiar with the environment. It may also involve a “functional vision assessment” for those patients that cannot perform any of the tests needed for an eye test.

An important part of the process is that we understand the needs of the patient and are prepared for when they visit the practice. We ask patients or carers to fill in a questionnaire before attending their appointment. ‘Telling the Optometrist About Me’. Please send this to us before an appointment so we can make the reasonable adjustments needed.

All of our staff, including reception staff, hold a qualification in dealing with patients with a learning disability.

If you would like to find out more about this service, please contact us.

The whole point of it is to improve eye care for people with a learning disability.

Why do we need this?

10% of people with a learning disability have a serious eye condition

60% of people with a learning disability need glasses

It is likely that some of these patients will be missed if they do not have proper access to eye care services.

A standard eye test is not really tailored for the needs of someone with a learning disability and there may be better way of doing things.